The Conscience of MALIK Fraternity:

MALIK Fraternity is the only fraternity in the world that is African/Latino/Indigenous.


Era #1 - (1977-1981)

Fraternity was founded as something a little different to traditional college fraternities. Not founded as an African/Latino/Indigenous Fraternity. However the founders claim they were a "non-greek" fraternity (but 2/3 of the name was Greek).
  • Founded as Malik Sigma Psi Fraternity.
  • "M" was chosen to represent "MALIK". MALIK was chosen to be "different" from standard Greek lettered orgs however the "Sigma" & "Psi" were selected to "maintain acceptance" as a part of the collegiate Greek fraternal norm.
  • Fraternity taught that MALIK=King, Sigma=Movement/Progress, Psi=Man.
  • "MALIK" name also chosen to honor Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X).
  • Malik Sigma Psi however mimicked the Greek fraternity template. Aside from inviting Black/conscious speakers to speak at lectures on college campuses, MALIKs generally operated the same as the rest of the "Black Greeks".
  • Medieval European pledge stages/titles of: nobles, lords, paupers, pages, knights, prince, kings were implemented.
  • Fraternity was more social than ideological.
  • Greek alphabet was instituted as a learning requirement.
  • History of the major black Greek fraternities and sororities instituted as a learning requirement.
  • Wanted to be a part of a Black Greek council.
  • Latin, was selected as the language to represent the Fraternity's motto.
  • Climate of the time from public was "why do you have the title "MALIK" in your fraternity's name?"

Era #2 - (1982-1987)

The Fraternity grew more Afrocentric. Started to implement more African symbolism (Taa Chapter germinated and initiated all of these changes).
  • Changed pledge stages from Squires, Knights, European Kings to Talibs, Warriors and African Kings.
  • Implemented learning requirement of the Arabic alphabet (in addition to Greek alphabet).
  • Creation of talking point: "'M' was placed before the 'Sigma' & 'Psi' to signify that the African contribution to the West pre-dated that of the Greeks'."
  • Creation of talking point: "one can read 'Malik Sigma Psi' from right to left (like Arabic) thus translating to 'man progressing to be king'."
  • Implementation of African-based symbology and shapes for pledge shield.
  • Implementation of Kufisfor pledges.
  • Starting in 1982, implementation of African-centric greetings for pledges and African names bestowed upon initiates that crossed.
  • Fraternity started to affirm that they were "not Greek".

Era #3 - (1988-1998)

The Fraternity refined and reformulated its concept of "African Fraternalism". Fraternity now taught that the "Sigma" & "Psi" were not Greek, but African.
  • Fraternity focused primarily on topics around Ideology.
  • Fraternity grew more deeply afro-centric (indigenous-centric).
  • Public of color also became more culturally aware (more conscious) of themselves. Climate of the time directed towards the Fraternity from the public changed/evolved from "why do you have 'MALIK' in your frat's name"(Era #1) to "why do you have 'Sigma' & 'Psi' in your fraternity's name?" (A complete paradigm shift from Era #1).
  • Talking point of "the 'M' is placed before the Sigma & Psi to symbolize African contribution pre-dating the Greeks' contribution" was no longer good enough.
  • Fraternity developed new strategy of teaching members (and the public) that the 'Sigma' & 'Psi' were "African" letters (which is inaccurate). This largely came from only one book: "Stolen Legacy" by George G.M. James. It became mandatory reading of all pledges (to this day).
  • "Autobiography of Malcolm X" became mandatory reading of all pledges (to this day).
  • "They Came Before Columbus" by Ivan Van Sertima, "Visions for Black Men" by Naim Akbar, "Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization" by Anthony Browder and numerous other like-minded books were largely referenced for pledges to read.
  • Creation and adoption of the current construct of "African Fraternalism" occurred in this era.
  • Members were now taught (inaccurately) that the Fraternity was forced to have 2 greek letters to be founded at C.W. Post campus. Apparently this was one of the measures to "justify" the existence having 2 greek letters while being called an "African fraternity".

Era #4 - (1999-2001)

It was realized that the Sigma & Psi were after all - just Greek letters: specifically and unapologetically chosen to ease acceptance into the Greek Fraternal world. This revelation went against the rhetoric that was taught to recruit members (in Era #3). As a result, some MALIK members began to seriously question and critically analyze what was taught regarding Malik Sigma Psi's name, history, rhetoric and purpose.
  • Research (from the constitutionally commissioned Nia Committee) revealed that the Sigma & Psi were not African but entirely Greek in origin.
  • In reaction to the revelation, the Fraternity's motto was democratically changed from Latin to a more accurately reflecting indigenous language.
  • Some Founders changed tune on what was taught on the origins of the name selection. Facts/statements just not adding up.
  • It was revealed that the 'Sigma' & 'Psi' were not forced onto the Fraternity by the C.W. Post administration (as was taught during Era #3). Instead, the fact is that the 'Sigma' & 'Psi' were actually freely chosen and were preferred during the Fraternity's founding.

Era #5 - (2002-2009)

Based on the new knowledge that the 'Sigma' & 'Psi' were actually just Greek letters after all, a paradigm-shift occurred: Fraternity went full-blown African/Latino/Indigenous and eradicated all Greek aspects.
  • The national leadership implemented a series of ideological discourse meetings to discuss the Fraternity's ideological history, (the then) current stance and future.
  • Fraternity's name was democratically voted upon and changed to remove the Greek 'Sigma' & 'Psi' and be totally African/Latino/Indigenous and now be called: "MALIK Fraternity, Inc".
  • Democratically removed the Greek alphabet as a learning requirement.
  • Democratically removed "History of the major Black Greek fraternities and sororities" as a learning requirement.
  • No longer mimicking "Black/Latino Greek" college model of fraternities, instead operated wholly as an African/Latino/Indigenous collegiate-based fraternity (the largest indigenous collegiate-based fraternity in the world).
  • National leadership reformed the pledge process, documented the history, and built a professional organizational model for its members.

  • Fraternity started to re-establish ties to community networks and to begin to "practice what the Fraternity preached".

Era #6 - (2009-2013)

Executive leadership (the national office) and some other members possess Nostalgia and Yearning to mimic Black/Latino Greek mentality. Prefers to return using 'Sigma' and 'Psi' because they actually like (prefer) to have the Greek letters on their chest and to be affiliated with the "traditional" American collegiate Greek-lettered system.
  • Feels that reverting to the Sigma & Psi would be more "acceptable" and "receptive" for spreading chapters across the U.S. (regressive and retrograding mindset to 1977-1981). Basically conformists to Western culture.
  • Although the Fraternity's name is MALIK Fraternity, the name "Malik Sigma Psi" (MSP) has been re-introduced and re-marketed to the Brotherhood and public. Often both names "MALIK Fraternity" & "MSP" are advertised together i.e. pledge lines, awards, documents, conventions, meetings, picnics, social gatherings, programs, etc. causing further confusion, especially to the public.
  • In some case, just the name "Malik Sigma Psi" is advertised. In some cases pledges are encouraged to emphasize only "Malik Sigma Psi".
  • Fraternity's identity, definition and marketing is all confused. African/Latino/Greek/Non-Greek marketed simultaneously... indeed a confusing state of affairs.
  • Ideology aspect now taking a back seat to the Social aspect.
  • Gradual regressive shift towards mimicking "Black-Greek" college fraternities.
  • Principles of Malcolm, African/Latino/Indigenous Fraternalism & consciousness all fading from the forefront...
  • Priority of national leadership and some members is now of a superficial public perception of supposedly looking "cool" and portraying fraternity as something it isn't (a social national black-Greek college fraternity). Social aspect takes precedence: lifting weights, social gatherings, parties, cook-outs, etc. (superficiality).

Era #7 - (2013 - present )

  • The Fraternity is fortunately returning to consciousness.

From what you can see from the various "stages" in the Fraternity's history, there are obvious major differences in how brothers view the frat, how they were taught, and what they expect, how they act, and where their priorities are. The major point of contention is the common principle of "practice what you preach".
Today, MALIK Fraternity's primary selling (and talking) point is:
1.) We are an African/Latino/Indigenous fraternity that is non-Greek.
2.) Paying homage to Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X) in our name, we claim to adhere to Malcolm's philosophy of self-determination, consciousness and human development.

These 2 points are what sets MALIK Fraternity apart from the sea of thousands of greek lettered fraternities and sororities. These are the Fraternity's niches: these 2 points are what have keeps MALIK thriving to this day.

MALIK Fraternity is at pinnacle moment in its history. Just like the 1860's of the U.S when slavery was not the answer for America. Just like Malcolm realized that the Nation of Islam was not the answer for oppressed peoples. A difficult decision was made by Lincoln and Malcolm to break away from the "societal norm" and do what was right. So is the time for MALIK Fraternity.
  • It is difficult to be MALIK Fraternity - it requires sacrifice, hard work, results, leadership & vision.
  • It is easy to continue as Malik Sigma Psi - it only requires ego, tradition, conforming and self-gratification.

But what is best for our people? Tradition & Complacency? Or Progress & Human Development?

Its up to MALIKs to decide where they want to be placed in fraternal history. Just another 3-lettered Greek fraternity that has nostalgia for the ole' black greek glory days? Or a truly revolutionary fraternity that breaks all molds and becomes a beacon of change, hope, leadership and results for all...

You can interact and develop life long respect and collaboration as self-sufficient and upright men with all organizations working for the development of our communities which also include members of Greek lettered organizations. You can be independent and well received by any group as long as you stand on solid ground.

Option #1 - If some MALIKs want to be Greek, then by all means, PLEASE, we implore you, PLEASE leave the frat and go the greek route. It's a win-win solution for all.

Option #2 - If MALIKs want to be real and actually practice what they preach... then do it. Be the leaders and conscious men that exist to better your people and ultimately humanity.

Take ............................................ my name........................... off your damn... greek... t-shirts...